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Assessor’s Parcel No.: 0082900

            The West 125 feet or Tract 20, MASON HEIGHTS ACRE TRACTS, in the City of Colville, according to plat thereof recorded in Volume B of Plats, page 40, in Stevens County, Washington.

            EXCEPT beginning at the Southwest corner of said TRACT 20; thence East along the South line of Said Tract 20, 25 feet to the True Point of Beginning; thence North 75 feet; thence East 100 feet, thence  South 75 feet; thence West 100 feet to the Point of Beginning.

Common Address:  839 East 2nd Avenue Colville, WA 99114

The sale of the above-described property is to take place:

            TIME:             10:00am

            DATE:  August 28th, 2020

            PLACE:          Stevens County Courthouse at the main entrance

The judgment debtor can avoid the sale by paying the judgment amount of $157,630.50 together with interest, costs, and fees before the sale date.  For the exact amount, contact the Sheriff at the address stated below:

This property is subject to a redemption period of EIGHT MONTHS (8) months.

August 28th, 2020 16-2-00382-4 PDF File